With Ukraine moving to tighter ‘yellow zone’ quarantine restrictions, businesses have two options to carry on their operations, says Ukrainian prime minister Denys Shmygal in a governmental meeting Wednesday.

“Businesses will be able to work without additional restrictions if 80% of their stuff and customers are vaccinated. They will have to check on proof of vaccination [of their employees and clients]  themselves. The second variant is when you comply with all the additional restrictions of ‘yellow zone’ and need no checks on vaccination status,’ stressed the prime minister.

Shmygal reiterated earlier governmental public safety ‘yellow zone’ guidance to have 80% of vaccinated stuff in schools for in-class study.

As some regions are inching closer to ‘red zone’, business will be able to stay open if 100% of their stuff and visitors have proof of full vaccination, warned Shmygal.

The prime  minister reiterated a strong vaccine uptake is critical, adding ‘vaccines work and protect people. Over 99% of Covid-related deaths are people who were not vaccinated. Over 98% of Covid patients in hospitals are unvaccinated people’.