Zelensky’s administration head, Andriy Yermak offered his take on the scandalous claims of Russia’s foreign  minister Serhiy Lavrov of ‘Nazi elements’ in the Ukrainian government.

Asked in an interview with an Italian news channel about Russian claims that it invaded Ukraine to “denazify” the country, the Russian diplomat argued Ukraine could still have Nazi elements, and Zelensky’s  being a Jew is not a big deal, as Hitler ‘also had Jewish blood’.

Targeting Babyn Yar, the Holocaust memorial site, with missiles and then drawing comparisons between Hitler and Zelensky is ‘cavemen anti-Semitism’ that cover up ‘conspiracy theories’ used to prop up authoritarian rulers, said Yermak, adding such ‘disrespect’ fro historic memory of ‘can’t be left unanswered’.

It is worth noting that Lavrov’s words drew swift condemnation of Israel officials. Prime minister Naftali Bennett said he took the claim with ‘the utmost severity’ and called to stop to use the Jewish people as a ‘political tool’.