A collaborator, who together with Russian military looted local population in Kharkiv region, has been sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.

As informed by the Security Service of Ukraine, during the occupation at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, a 62-year-old resident of the town of Novyi Burluk agreed to become an assistant to the Russian commandant and helped Russians loot the homes of local residents.

The collaborator was detained by the SBU after the liberation of Kharkiv region in September 2022.

According to the investigation, he voluntarily offered his own house for stationing of Russian troops and storage of weapons and ammunition. Russians together with a collaborator broke into people’s houses and, threatening them with weapons, took money, cars, household appliances and other private property.

Based on the collected evidence, the court found the man guilty under Part 1 of Art. 111-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (assistance to the aggressor).