Western media reports about alleged Russia’a military build-up at the Ukrainian border got a snappy response from the Ukrainian top security official.

In his comments for ‘Radio Svoboda‘, state security and defense council secretary Oleksiy Danylov brushed off such claims by ‘Washington Post’ and ‘Politico’ calling them a ‘concious provocation’.

Danylov argued, it is ‘disinformation’ and ‘it is not clear for us why they are doing this’.

When asked about the photos in ‘Politico’ showing alleged amassing of Russian troops, the security council secretary said ‘Let them show the photos [of the cites] taken a month, two weeks ago, and you will see they are the very same photos’.

It is worth noting that Pentagon said it was closely following the latest developments at the border of Ukraine and Russia amid reports of possible escalation.

He went on to say that the state security council ‘don’t know what can come tomorrow’ yet doubled down on the claim Ukraine has no intelligence that backs such media stories.

In April, Ukraine’s intelligence said Moscow brought its military to the Ukrainian border for ‘full-scale provocations’ at the pretext of military exercise ‘Vostok 2021’.  The escalation was prevented to diplomatic effort of the US officials. On April 2, the Ukrainian president held a telephone call with the US counterpart Joe Biden who discussed Russia’s saber-rattling,  and Kyiv got assurances of ‘unwavering’ backing of Ukraine’s ‘sovereignty and territorial integrity’ from Washington.