Demchyshyn is facing charges in connection to the 2014-20116 coal imports case.

The SBU said in a statement Tuesday the former energy minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn was issued formal charges in connection to orders he signed in his ministerial role in 2014-2016 that saw representatives of Donbas separatists taking on key managerial positions in state-run companies in Russia-occupied territories of Luhansk and Donesk regions.

The move viewed by many observers as part of campaign targeting the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko drew intense backlash from the opposition camp.

Allegations against Volodymyr Demchyshyn are obviously part of bigger investigation into Russia-leaning MP Viktor Medvedchuk who was brought charges of aiding terrorists in connection to controversial coal supply schemes used by Ukrainian government in 2014-2016.