Reporting COVID-19 situation updates at his Tuesday’s press conference, Health Minister claimed:

“As our [earlier] forecast had it, we have neared the COVID-19 third wave peak and now can see the situation gradually stabilizing. We see it happening in all the regions.

Last week, though, saw decrease in new COVID-19 cases – 2,000 fewer than a week before, the same dynamics is seen in the numbers of pandemic-related emergency ambulance calls, said the minister.

Calling vaccination an effective tool to curb COVID-19, he stressed the importance of “adaptive quarantine” policies:

“We have tried to make them as suitable as possible, to strike up the utmost balance. If you come to look at the restrictions we have in Ukraine and the ones they have in, say, European countries, you will see that our policies are much more relaxed. Besides, we are not imposing restrictions in the whole country and are using adaptive quarantine that allow to either tighten or ease its restrictions given COVID-19 cases dynamics”.

According to the minister, with quarantine restrictions in place and people following the rules, Covid-19 challenge can be addressed more efficiently:

“Just a month ago they had a dramatic situation in Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpatyya regions and now they are off the “red zone” list”, said the minister. He stressed that such policies will help ease the situation in other “red zone” regions.