Infections in Ukraine hit a new high with over 23 thousand Covid-19 cases registered on Thursday.

This is the highest daily level since the start of the pandemic, and the second successive day the country has set unwelcome records.
As of October 22, health officials reportered  23,785 cases and 614 deaths.

Data shows most the most hard-hit regions are Lviv, Dnipro, and Odesa – 1647, 1641, and 1484 respectively.

Ukraine has to deal with grim statistics despite goverment claims vaccination campaign is picking up stream with record 270 thousand vaccination jab administered Thursday, which is still far too small number compared to vaccination rates in the rest of Europe.

In a bid to curb spread of infections, the Ukrainian govement put in place strict domestic travel restrictions. Effective October 21,  proof of vaccination, a negative coronavirus test or proof of recent recovery will be required of passengers on interregional buses, trains, and domestic air flights as well as of staff of operator.