The Kyiv City Military Administration announced shortening of the curfew in the capital. Most likely, it will come into effect on March 26.

As reported by the city authorities, they agreed the decision with the military command.

It was decided that part of the checkpoints in Kyiv will continue to operate, while the other part will be transferred to the sleeping mode’.

After solving the issue of improving the system of engineering barriers, the discussion is currently underway regarding the terms and procedure for changing the length of the curfew in Kyiv.

‘According to the working version, the curfew in the capital of Ukraine will most likely be shortened from March 26, 2023. Starting from this date, the curfew will last from 00:00 to 05:00’, the statement says.

Kyiv authorities reminded that during the curfew it is forbidden to be on the street and in other public places, as well as to move by vehicle or on foot.