DBR investigators claim Poroshenko booked plane tickets abroad on the day they wanted to hand in a suspicion statement.

‘The airline submitted information that MP Petro Poroshenko bought tickets at 7:04 pm on December 17’, the State Bureau of Investigation report says.

In response, Poroshenko’s lawyer Ihor Holovan states that the DBR were illegally shadowing the former president and they probably know the trip had been planned long before.

Holovan says it is a well-known fact that ‘Ukrainian special services are not fighting the aggressor state, but illegally shadow the former president to fulfill Zelensky wishes’.

The lawyer emphasizes that since the DBR have recognized the fact of illegal surveillance, they must publish evidence of early coordination of Petro Poroshenko’s meetings with European politicians and the Orthodox Patriarch.


Petro Poroshenko was issued a formal charge by chief prosecutor’s office on December 20. The investigation alleges the then president of Ukraine was part of illegal coal trade schemes in occupied Donbas back in 2014-2015, which got separatists over 200 million in profits.