According to the Center for Social and Marketing Research SOCIS poll, held on on June 25-30, 2021, 88.6% of the respondents experience negative emotions concerning state power.

In particular, 42.3% feel frustrated, 16.7% experience anxiety, 9.3% – indifference, 8.8% –despair, 6.1% – fear, and 5.4% – hatred.

At the same time, 40.4% of the respondents also have positive emotions towards the government: 22.3% still feel hope, 7.6% – optimism, 3.8% –curiosity, 3.2% –sympathy, 2.1% – confidence, and only 1.5% are proud of the current power.

As the poll shows, 62.4% of the respondents think that Ukraine is moving in the wrong direction; 26.4% of respondents hold the opposite opinion.

The results of the poll are representative at the level of the whole country in terms of age (over 18 years), gender, type of settlement (city/village) and regional division. The poll was not conducted in the occupied Crimea and in the occupied parts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. The poll involved 2,000 respondents and used Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. The average duration of one interview was 11 minutes.