Ukrainian forces are holding ground in an intense contest over Severodonetsk, making the enemy  pay the price for every meter of the land, said Luhansk governor Serhiy Gaydai in his Sunday update on the situation in the region.

At least 2 bodies of civilian were recovered in Lysychansk after Russian barrage hit the city. The destruction of homes in the city of Lysychansk is ‘increasing like an avalanche,’ said Gaydai.

Russian forces now control most of Severodonetsk and are “conducting round-the-clock air reconnaissance by drones’ that help the enemy pinpoint their artillery fire targeting the Ukrainian dugouts in the combat area.

The city districts adjacent to the bridges leading out the city are ‘heaviily shelled again’.

The occupies’ shelling also targeted Metolkino, Borisvske, Bila Hora, Ustynivka, Mykolayivka, Bilogorivka.

Meanwhile, the airstrikes intensified at Bila Hora, Myrna Dolyna, and Verkhokamyanka.

The Russian barrage caused wreckage to residential areal in Novoivanivka and Mykolayvika destroying 16 and 9 building respectively.