The Ministry of Digital Transformation, together with the Innovation Development Fund, launched the YouTube project ‘Ukraine’s startup cabinet’. It is supposed to become a new platform for the promotion of Ukrainian IT products.

As reported by the digital ministry, the project participants will present their business ideas to minister Mykhailo Fedorov and editor-in-chief of AIN.UA Illia Kabachynskyi in the elevator of the Cabinet of Ministers. They will have one minute, which is the time the elevator reaches the tenth floor.

‘We will turn the Cabinet of Ministers into a Cabinet of startups. The elevator that takes me to work every day will become a platform for pitching cool ideas. I believe that Ukraine can become a country of startups’, said digital minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

He added that due to the work of the Innovation Development Fund, Ukrainian startups can implement new projects and create revolutionary products. According to him, the development potential is great, especially in the field of military-tech projects.