Kuleba said so in his interview with Anadolu.

‘Back in 2008 in Bucharest the Alliance made it clear that Ukraine and Georgia would become the NATO members. At that Summit, the leaders of the states entrusted the ministers of foreign affairs to consider the issue of providing both countries with a NATO Membership Action Plan. If you ask me what the NATO has done since 2008 to implement that decision, I would honestly answer “nothing”. Since 2008, the NATO has not taken any step towards the implementation of that decision,’ Kuleba said.

The Foreign Affairs Minister also addressed a request to the NATO to provide a clear list of reforms, which Ukraine should implement to become a NATO member.

‘Speaking of reforms may take too much time. Here is my question to NATO: how many reforms do you want us to implement? Give us a clear list. The more reforms we are implementing, the bigger are the expectations,’ summarized Dmytro Kuleba.