In the first reading, the Verkhovna Rada adopted draft law No. 9342 on the return of additional payments to the military personnel.

Petro Poroshenko, the former president of Ukraine and leader of the ‘European Solidarity’ party, said on Facebook that the party demanded the return of additional payments for the defense forces and increased social protection for the military.

‘Three months of struggle, and we pushed through the legislative norm on additional payments from 30 to 100 thousand hryvnias’, the former president wrote.

Military personnel will be paid an additional monthly bonus from UAH 30,000 to UAH 100,000 in proportion to the time spent on combat (special) missions in the order, amounts, and conditions established by the Government.

‘We were told that this is populism, and it is impossible. We have found all sources of funding. And we have proved: the country has the funds to support its army and its soldiers. We fought for the protection of soldiers, for respect for them and for justice’, Poroshenko stated.