As of January 12 morning, there is a significant shortage of electricity in Ukraine, primarily in the morning and evening hours, when the consumption is maximum.

In order to ensure balance in the energy system of Ukraine, electricity consumption limits have been introduced in all regions, ‘Ukrenergo’ national energy operator reports.

In case of exceeding the specified limits in the regions, emergency shutdowns of electricity are activated.

‘In the morning, consumption limits were exceeded in nine regions, as a result of which emergency shutdowns were employed to maintain the stable operation of the power system’, the company said.

‘Ukrenergo’ reminded that problems in the Ukrainian energy system arose due to a series of massive Russian missile and drone attacks on the energy infrastructure.

In addition, Russians temporarily occupied a number of power plants that produce electricity, including the largest Zaporizhzhia NPP. These capacities could make it possible to fully cover the need for electricity.

‘Please use electricity wisely, use energy-intensive appliances alternately. This makes it possible to reduce the load on the power system and reduce the need to apply restrictions’, the statement concludes.