As reported by ‘Ukrenergo’ national energy operator, there is a significant capacity deficit in the Ukrainian energy system. Emergency shutdowns have been introduced in six regions.

‘As of 10:30 am January 17, there is a significant power deficit in the energy system, especially during the morning and evening consumption peaks. These are the consequences of massive missile and drone attacks on energy infrastructure’, the company statement says.

Consumption limits for the whole day have been established for all operators of distribution systems. Region distributors make schedules of planned hourly outages, which must correspond to the consumption of the region at the level of the proven limit. Due to excessing the limits, emergency outages have already been introduced in six regions of Ukraine.

‘Due to adverse weather conditions (gusty wind, icing of wires) in the central regions, there are local outages in the networks of distribution system operators, the power supply is being restored’, the company added.