On December 28, electricity deficit increased due to the shutdown of several units at power plants.

‘As of December 28, the deficit of electricity in the system has increased. This is due to the shutdown of some units of power plants because of the shelling of the gas infrastructure in the eastern region’, ‘Ukrenergo’ national operator said in a statement.

The statement also stated that due to the relatively warm weather, consumption restrictions have not been applied at night for the fourth day in a row.

However, the available capacity in the system is not enough to meet all the needs of consumers. In this regard, consumption limits have been established for all regions, exceeding of which leads to emergency shutdowns.

‘Ukrenergo’ reminded that the energy system of Ukraine has suffered 9 missile attacks and 12 UAV attacks in the last three months. As a result, generation facilities and transmission systems suffered extensive and complex damage. Significant resources and time are required to restore them.