‘The EU has officially acknowledged that the Ukrainian COVID certificates in ‘Diia’ app correspond to the European standards. Ukrainians will be able again to travel safely without the restrictions caused by the pandemic’, said digital information ministry.

The representatives of the EU, Ukraine’s finance ministry and ministry of health will tell the details regarding the project and its technical part during a joint briefing on August 20.

The European Commission states that the EU has officially recognized COVID certificates of Ukraine, North Macedonia and Turkey and is ready to accept them from August 20.

Ukraine will be connected to the European system of certificate compatibility. The statement claims that the recognition of vaccination certificates is mutual.

According to EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi, Europe should fight the pandemic together and Ukraine is an integral part of common security.


‘This is an important decision that will significantly simplify the travel of Ukrainian citizens to EU member states. Following this recommendation, some EU member states will be able to make their own decisions on the recognition of Ukrainian digital certificates, so that our citizens who have undergone a full course of vaccination can travel comfortably’, commented Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba.

At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reminds that the decision of the European Commission is not binding. The issue of who and under what conditions to enter remains solely within the competence of the EU member states.


Ukraine’s PM Denys Smyhal welcomed the EU decision in Twitter.

‘Today, the European Commission adopted a decision on mutual recognition of digital Covid certificates issued by Ukraine and the EU. We continue to work to make travel to Europe more accessible to our citizens.’

A COVID certificate is a digital document in ‘Diia’ app that will confirm vaccination, a negative PCR test result, or that a person has recovered from a coronavirus disease.

On Wednesday, July 14, the Cabinet of Ministers set the validity of COVID certificates and PCR tests.

The Ukrainian vaccination certificate will be valid for 180 days and PCR test – 72 hours.


Who can get a COVID certificate?

Three categories of persons can receive the Ukrainian COVID certificate:

  1. A person who has undergone a full course of vaccination.
  2. A person who received a negative PCR test result.
  3. A person who has confirmation of recovery from coronavirus.