The Ambassador of Germany Anka Feldhusen said that the European Union unofficially called on the Ukrainian authorities to cancel the ‘united marathon’ format on television, the European Pravda reports.

The journalists asked Feldhusen what Berlin’s position is regarding those steps that are criticized as anti-democratic in Ukraine, in particular, disconnection of three TV channels.

‘Maybe not publicly, but we talk about these things with the Ukrainian government all the time. We have a common goal: for Ukraine to remain democratic even during the war’, the ambassador answered.

According to her, the European Union understands that information warfare is a component of modern wars, as well as why Ukraine banned pro-Russian channels, but since they were not the only ones affected by the restrictions, the Ukrainian authorities have been repeatedly called to move to a more open information space.

When asked about the ‘united marathon’, Anka Feldhusen said that people should have alternative sources of information.