‘European Solidarity’ MPs took to social media Saturday  to vent their anger over blocking of  their fellow MP’s Facebook account.

Iryna Gerashchenko’s account got suspended by the platform after what MP Viktoria Sumar called a ‘complaint from Kyrylo Tymoshenko’s bots’. The implicated Zelensky’s senior aide was earlier tasked with the reboot of Rada TV channel, which, as many experts claim, is set to give the ruling party positive coverage.

In the post that allegedly got Gerashchenko this Facebook suspension, ‘European Solidarity’ MP offered a scathing critique of Zelensky’s officials over state Rada TV channel spending violations.

Another ‘European Solidarity’ MP Volodymyr Aryev alleged Gerashchenko’s vocal opposition enraged the officials trying to turn Rada TV into a mouthpiece of Zelensky’s administration.

He also made public the  statement from Iryna Gerashchenko, in which she doubled down on the claims her suspension was prompted by her ‘scorching criticism of Servant of the People MPs and their corruption schemes [they used] at TV channels Rada and Dom’.

This orchestrated attack of Zelensky’s  network of bots and trolls’ comes against the backdrop of a new smear campaign targeting Petro Poroshenko, argued Gerashchenko, noting that ‘European Solidarity’ MPs are planning to file an official complaint to Zelensky’s administration.

Rebooted Rada TV spending schemes were slammed by ‘European Solidarity’ leader Petro Poroshenko.