As the ‘European Solidarity’ press service reports, party representatives filed inquiries concerning ‘Wagnergate’, Pandora Papers and alleged financing of terrorism via the state-owned ‘Ukreximbank’.



‘European Solidarity’ Kyiv city council member Viktor Kononenko said he reported disclosure of secret information under Article 328 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

He argues Zelensky on three occasions admitted he passed information about Wagner mercenaries in phone calls to president Lukashenko, which comes as disclosure of classified information.

‘Zelensky can receive information and give instructions to the heads of special services, but in any case, he should not disclose this information to third parties’, Kononenko claims.


Pandora Papers

‘European Solidarity’ senior MP Artur Herasymov said the MPs lodged the complaint with the Prosecutor General over the alleged involvement of the Ukrainian president into money schemes that saw PrivatBank money in offshore structures,

The MPs push for investigation amid of Pandora Papers revelations, seeking to make sure whether the information of journalists regarding money laundering is true, said Herasymov in the interview to ‘Priamyi’ TV channel, adding he has no doubts of it.



Another report was filed in connection to a questionable UAH 60 million credit granted to a businessman whose company is registered in Russia controlled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

‘European solidarity’ MP Artur Herasymov says the credit may deal with financing terrorism, alleging Zelensky close allies could be ‘directly involved in this crime’. Herasymov argues such credit could not have been given without the consent of president Zelensky.

The story about this transaction made headlines after the ugly confrontation of ‘Ukreximbank’ CEO Yevhen Metsher with ‘Skhemy’ media outlet reporters during the interview.

The footage that emerged after the incident shows CEO Metsher verbally abusing journalists. Herasymov says the whole country saw the meltdown of the bank executive.

‘Journalist were doing their jobs investigating things and we approach law enforcement agencies so that they could ‘provide their judgement to the story’, Herasymov concludes.