‘European Solidarity’ MP Nina Yuzhanina explained why the party insists on the adoption of draft law 8390, which provides for timely reimbursement of VAT for exporters.

The state must do everything to support the businesses that work and sell goods for export in the conditions of a full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, the party statement says. Moreover, the income from taxpayers should be directed to the financing of the army.

Draft law 8390 provides for the timely reimbursement of VAT and fines for tax officials who delay reimbursement of the value added tax.

Nina Yuzhanina emphasized that more than 50% of enterprises in Ukraine have resumed their activities: ‘These are those who found an opportunity, who had working capital, and they started working now in this extremely difficult time’, she noted.

The MP added that the activity of Ukrainian enterprises and industries is directly related to the filling of the state budget.

She summarized that the return of inspection periods, the state’s responsibility towards exporters are partnership relations that all exporters are waiting for in order to continue operation.