The European Solidarity party expressed a strong protest against the lies and manipulations spread by the oligarchic mass media regarding ‘bot farms’.

On Thursday, a series of commissioned materials against European Solidarity and its leader Petro Poroshenko appeared in the mass media of the 1+1 holding. In these materials, the provocation about the supposed liquidation of the ‘million-dollar bot farm’ allegedly connected to the European Solidarity party, the statement says, protesting against such accusations.

European Solidarity states that its members have been demanding for a month from the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada to invite the acting head of the SBU Malyuk to the conciliation council in order to provide the deputies with the comprehensive information about the so-called bot farms.

‘Half a year ago, the European solidarity extended a helping hand to the authorities, so that we, as a mature society, could stand together in the face of the Russian aggression. We steadfastly adhere to the unity’ the statement goes.

In addition, the party is considering filing a lawsuit against the media affiliated with oligarch Kolomoiskyi for their constant lies, manipulation, hate speech and division of the society.