The ‘European Solidarity’ party made a statement regarding the media law, stressing that its adoption is one of the seven requirements of the European Commission to Ukraine as a candidate for EU membership.

At the same time, on December 13, deputies will vote for the draft law, which ‘will regulate the media according to wartime laws even after our victory’.

The party statement says that freedom of speech is the main sign of democracy in the country, its real belonging to the European civilization.

It is necessary to understand the limitations of freedom of speech that are dictated by the need to counter Russian aggression in the information sphere. However, the European Solidarity MPs emphasized that it is not possible to agree with the law because it is designed not only for wartime, but also for a strategic perspective and peacetime.

The MPs summarized that the adoption of the law should be postponed until the end of the year for finalization by all parliament groups and harmonization of the text with the European directive. Such an important European integration law must meet European standards, protect mass media and freedom of speech, and be supported by the constitutional majority of the MPs.