In an interview for Ukrainska Pravda, former journalists of state-run ‘Dom’ TV station revealed that the broadcaster executive team was led by Oleksii Kyriushchenko, a Russian national known for his earlier involvment with production of   ‘Servant of the People’ TV series.

According to the whistleblowers, the directives from Zelensky administration came mostly through Kseniya Gerasymenko who had control everything except for the news programming.

The journalists argued the controversial editorial polices included use of unofficial vocabulary list that banned words like ‘war’, ‘conflict’, ‘enemy’.

Among other claims, the journalists complained they were often urged to use positive delivery of news covering government policies and ‘Velyke budivnytstvo’ project.

Zelensky’s advisor Podolyak dismissed the allegations of censorship arguing that ‘there was no interference of the president’s office in the editorial policies of ‘Dom’ TV channel’.

Finding guests for tv shows, providing access to formal events, and invitation to press briefings were the only ‘format’ of interaction with ‘Dom’ TV journalists, argued Podolyak.

Earlier, the journalists of ‘Suspilne’, Ukraine’s public broadcaster, exposed pressure from Zelensky administration.