Roman Chervinsky who was behind special operation set to entrap Wagner group mercenaries comes forth with new exlosive allegations about links of top Ukrainians officials to Russian intelligence.

In a new interview wth Khrystyna Bondarenko,  the former intelligence official alleged there were probably no background checks on Andriy Yermak and Oleksandr  Gogilashvili, a former interior deputy minister who was booted after  a scandalous video in which he was caught bullying and cursing police officers .

When asked if he had any suspicions that Yermak might be a Russian spy, Chervinsky said, ‘Yes, I personally had’, arguing  that he had ‘operational information showing that Yermak adheres to Soviet ideology and thinks it is better for Ukraine to be together with Russia’.

Chervinsky believes that this was plain clear after Andriy Yermak’s interview when he told American journalists ‘patriots are to blame for the war, it is a provocative war on Ukraine’s part, started by Poroshenko’.

Chervinsky though admitted he has no direct evidence that Zelensky’s top aide is a Russian agent of influence.