Ukraine’s main enemy is the Kremlin, and the Ukrainian society must consolidate in the face of a possible Russian invasion, former president Petro Poroshenko said in a statement issued on Wednesday.

He said the  government can count on his diplomatic contacts and experience to help to rebuff Russian aggression.

Petro Poroshenko believes the situation needs a crisis mechanism of urgent security consultations with NATO and the European Union backed up by intelligence exchange with the countries of the Alliance. To do so, it is urgent to conclude an agreement on mutual protection of confidential information.

The former president also called for a meeting of the UN Security Council to address the growing threat of Russian invasion, revisit the idea of bringing UN blue helmets to Donbas, in 2019, and invite the top leadership of the EU and NATO to carry out special missions to Ukraine.

Poroshenko arues that Zelensky should hold bilateral meetings and telephone talks with leaders of G7 countries, China, Turkey, and the Lublin Triangle states to bring in tougher sanctions against Russia.

‘I am ready to take active part in diplomacy to intensify the international front against Russian aggression, including the field of energy. The authorities can count on my experience and connections’, said the fifth president.

Petro Poroshenko states defense of the country asks for a joint effort  of the government and  opposition.

‘We have a lot of political parties, but only one Ukraine’, he said.

Another measure that will work is swift adoption of ‘European Solidarity’ legislative initiative, set to raise wages of Ukrainian soldiers and officers.

The money from Zelensky’s various PR projects should be urgently transferred to the needs of the army’, the former president said.

Poroshenko also urged to resume  investigation into  ‘Wagnergate’ scandal .

‘We have a fairly wide range of diplomatic, defense and political tools that can protect the country without introducing the martial law, which is advised to Zelensky by his PR specialists obsessed with the idea of total censorship and unable to explain continuous failures of the current government’, Poroshenko said.

Zelensky keeps fighting pro-European opposition, failing to understand that Putin is now a ‘main enemy’ of Ukraine.