Petro Poroshenko  travelled to Mykolaiv  to deliver the vehicles and military gear bought by his charitable foundation to the Ukrainian troops at the front-line.

During his trip, the former Ukrainian president met with  Andriy Pidlisny, a Ukrainian sniper, who joined the Ukrainian Marines in 2014. In his post on social media, the Ukrainian Marine shared his excitement about the ‘useful things’ brought by Petro Poroshenko that can soon help to ‘take out the orcs’.

Among other things delivered were two vehicles  (JAC and L300).

‘Thank You, Petro Oleksiyovvch, for supporting our troops. For giving  what helps us work most effectively. Mobility and endurance of the personnel is a major thing we must pay attention to.”

Petro Poroshenko also had a meeting with Zaporizhzhya city council representative, Valeriy Prozapas. The Donbas war veteran, Prozapas is now part of the artillery unit at the Mykolayiv front-line positions.

‘Several brigades in East got equipment, transport, medicines. Our artillery unit is now 100% supplied with body armor, helmets, and special tablets,’ said Prozapas, giving credit to the effort of the former Ukrainian president, who came to visit the sites earlier targeted by Russian Smerch rockets.

In his comments following his trip, Petro Poroshenko praised the Ukrainian defenders who come before ‘international talks’ and can help to ‘destroy Putin’.