Pavlo Fuks wrote a post on this issue in his Telegram channel.

The Secretary of the NSDC announced at a briefing dealing with the results of the June 18, 2021 NSDC of Ukraine meeting, ‘Today a complete package of sanctions was imposed against a Russian businessman Pavlo Fuks […] Moreover, we imposed a full package of sanctions against Dmytro Firtash.’

According to Danilov, the sanctions have been imposed as a result of the licences for subsoil verification. ‘Concerning Mr. Fuks – they are imposed for the situations connected with “Golden Derrick”,’ specified Danilov.

In his turn, Fuks stated he had nothing to do with the company mentioned by Danilov and declared his intention to challenge the NSDC’s decision in court.

‘I have never had and do not have any connection with the company “Golden Derrick”. It is easy to verify this information using even open access data; it is easy to check it having the resources the NSDC has. […] I will protect my reputation in Ukrainian and international courts. I did it before, having received a 300 000 compensation hryvnias while protecting my honor and dignity and winning a trial against Mykhailo Brodskyi,’ said he.

Pavlo Fuks also stressed that he is a Ukrainian citizen, runs his business and pays taxes in Ukraine, and Russia had already imposed sanctions against him in 2018.

Fuks mentioned that Danilov’s family is associated with Mykhailo Brodskyi, ‘It is also easy to check that the wife of the NSDC secretary Danilov Liudmyla Danilova owns a share in the companies, which are also owned by Yuriy Brodskyi (a son of scandalous Mykhailo Brodskyi. […] Many years ago Oleksii Danilov was a member of the party ‘Apple’ where Brodskyi introduced him).’

Danilov’s declaration contains among others the information that his wife is a stockholder of ‘JSC “Kyiv Woodworking Plant”. Yuriy Brodskyi owns a share in this plant too,’ mentioned Fuks.

Accoding to the information provided by the Stock market infrastructure development agency of Ukraine (SMIDA), JSC “Kyiv Woodworking Plant” is connected with a company ‘Novostroy Invest’, Liudmyla Danilova and Yuriy Brodskyi own stock of this company too (besides, Yuriy Brodskyi is mentioned as the CEO of ‘Novostroy Invest’).