Russian invasion almost completely leveled Mariupol with the ground.

Mariupol city council said on Telegram that the full restoration of the city may cost more than USD 14 billion and will take 7-10 years.

According to the mayor, 1356 apartment blocks of the city have been destroyed or damaged. He also mentioned 40% destroyed private houses.

Most objects cannot be restored that is why the reconstruction plan envisages building of new facilities. The European Investment Bank and a large Ukrainian business have already declared their readiness to help in reconstruction.

A preliminary assessment by experts foresees attracting 14 billion dollars to provide living of 220,000 residents. The final amount will be calculated after the de-occupation.

‘We cooperate with various experts from cities that were destroyed during the Second World War. These are Gdansk, Warsaw, Dresden, and Rotterdam. We consider their reconstruction experience. We hope that there will be a separate section for Mariupol in the ‘Marshal plan’ for the whole country,’ – the mayor stated.