Ukraine’s gas transport company made a statement claiming that ‘Gazprom’ stopped gas transit to Hungary via Ukraine’s gas system.

The contract between Hungary and ‘Gazprom’ came into force on October 1 with transit via TurkStream.

Ukrainian transit company claims it breaks previous agreements according to which gas had to be supplied to Hungary via Ukraine until September 30, 2022.

‘Hungary has been receiving gas via Ukraine for decades, and the Ukrainian side has never violated its obligations. Moreover, the Ukrainian route is the most cost-effective, as it is the shortest way to supply gas to Hungary,’ said Serhii Makohon, the CEO of the Ukrainian gas transit company.

He also added that the monopolization of gas routes by Gazprom raises questions concerning the fundamental principles of the EU gas markets – competitiveness and transparency.

Makohon sees it as another step by Russia towards gas dominance in Europe.