The former president of Ukraine and leader of the ‘European Solidarity’ party Petro Poroshenko is convinced that the involvement of General Mykhailo Zabrodskyi in the leadership of the Armed Forces will make it possible to use his military experience and strategic vision as efficiently as possible.

Last week, MP Zabrodskyi announced that he leaves the parliament and returns to the army.

In an interview to Priamyi TV channel, Petro Poroshenko stressed that General Zabrodskyi from the first days of the war was an adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces General Valery Zaluzhnyi. According to Poroshenko, Zabrodskyi demonstrated high efficiency in the General Staff.

‘I can say that he is one of our most talented military leaders’, the former president stated. The general may take active part in the development and implementation of strategic operations.

Petro Poroshenko also commented on the arrest warrant for Putin issued by the International Criminal Court.

‘He is a war criminal, and any negotiations with him are support for the crime. Putin liked very much to refer to the experience of Nuremberg – The Hague should become Nuremberg for Putin’, Poroshenko said.