In an interview to, Rakhmanin stated that Zelensky has too many hang-ups for a person holding the highest position in the state, adding that Zelensky has not become a president yet and behaves as if he is still a candidate.

‘He has too many hang-ups for a person who holds such a difficult position in such a difficult time in such a difficult country. When a person repeats ten times during the press marathon that he is the president – it means that he still does not believe in himself, does not realize that he is a full-fledged’, said Rakhmanin.

The MP stressed that if Volodymyr Zelensky constantly mentions Petro Poroshenko, it means that he is afraid of him, adding that Zelensky persecutes the former president for personal reasons, as well as for the rising ratings of both Poroshenko and ‘European Solidarity’ party.

‘I think he is embarrassed that the ratings of Poroshenko and the ‘European Solidarity’ party are going up. That is why he needs to destroy the image of Poroshenko, which a large number of voters associate with the protection of the state, with national security’, Rakhmanin said.

Rakhmanin has no doubt that Poroshenko will return to Ukraine after his foreign visits. He also thinks it is unlikely that the former president will be arrested. The MP is also convinced that all the activities of the Office of the Prosecutor General are coordinated with the President’s office..