The talk of how underpaid and struggling policemen in Ukraine are takes on a whole new meaning after a senior police officer wearing designer clothes is caught drink-driving a $175,000 Mersedes in the town of Chernivtsi.

The incident took place on January 8. In the video that emerged on social media 2 days later, Vyacheslav Efteniy’s car is seen stopped by traffic police after ignoring the traffic sign. The boozed-up police chief, who was off-duty that day, refused to take a breath test and tried to ‘negotiate’ the traffic violation issue with the cops telling of his status and urging them to let him go.

The story instantly lit up the social media with ire as online commentators were quick to spot the policeman was rocking a loud $1,980 Gucci outfit and driving a new $175,000 Mercedes G 63 AMG.

Media reports found the pricey car was notably absent from his assets declaration.

Ukraine’s National Police responded to the incident by a statement saying that Vyacheslav Efteniy is currently on paternity leave he was granted back in August, 2021.