On December 4, Antonenko called on his Facebook page to add to the posts the hashtag #UkrainiansWillResist. In this way, he wanted to draw the world’s attention to the Russian aggression.

‘No one will force Ukrainians to accept the Kremlin’s ultimatum. Even if the West agrees with Putin and Zelensky’s government surrenders, #UkrainiansWillResist the Russian occupiers! Putin, welcome to hell!’ Antonenko stressed.

Antonenko is the author of the unofficial anthem of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces ‘Quietly came, quietly left’.

The call enjoyed the strong response from Ukrainians that soon see the hashtag trending on social media.

On December 6, which  is the Armed Forces Day in Ukraine, the hashtag #UkrainiansWillResist ranked first in the trends of the Ukrainian segment of Twitter.


Former infrastructure minister Volodymyr Omelian also joined the social media challenge.


Some onlin users soon came up with memes.


Overall, the hastag effort got positive respones online.