Oleskiy Arestovych who juggles his job in Minsk TCG with political consultancy for Zelensky officials offered his opinion on the ongoing scandal around Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov.

‘I will urgently go and ask for state protection for Yuriy Butusov.  It is time this dummy be saved. Butusov is now being turned into a sacred sacrifice, something like a new Gongadze… He will be liquidated by those who are driving him.  And, according to the plan, it will come as a signal for new mass riots, making people earnestly indignant over it. And all this [is happening] against the backdrop of concentration of the Russian troops on the border’.

Arestovych also addressed Zelensky’s press conference incident that saw Censor.Net editor-in-chief getting in a heated exchange with the Ukrainian president.

The political consultant of Zelensky administration called Butusov a ‘black propagandist’ and even doubted Censor.Net journalist’s  sanity arguing ‘no-one in sound mind would talk with the president of the state the way he did’.

Obviously understanding he was taking the narrative too far, Arestovych argued he has revealed a ‘possible scenario’ ‘on purpose’, which could make the people ‘behind this spectacle’ put a brake on their plot.