The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said on French TV channel LCI that the security of the whole Europe depends on the security of Ukraine, ‘European Solidarity’ party press service informs.

Poroshenko reminded that more than 700,000 Ukrainians joined the Armed Forces to fight against Russian invasion. However, Ukraine needs weapons, because ‘it is difficult to withstand tanks, artillery, helicopters, bombs, cruise missiles with bare hands’.

In Severodonetsk area, the number of Russian artillery is twenty times bigger than Ukrainian and the number of munitions for this artillery is forty times bigger – and this ratio must be changed.

Poroshenko stated that Ukrainians have already surprised the world and stopped Russians, not allowing them to capture Kyiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Ukraine needs weapons for a counteroffensive. And this is necessary to protect not only our state, but the whole Europe, he added.

‘We will push back Russian barbarians from the Ukrainian lands. We will defend Ukraine. We will defend Europe. We will defend the world. And now it is not about helping Ukraine – it is about investing in the own security of France, the European Union and the world. Help us protect your countries’, Poroshenko concluded.