Yan and Maryna served in the same military unit. He was a commander of the combat vehicle and she is a paramedic.


On June 6, sergeant Yan Bailo fell in battle.


Maryna Dushkevych told ‘Bukvy’ about their story.



In January 2021, Yan Bailo signed the contract with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and served as a commander of the combat vehicle. They met when Maryna was conducting tactical medicine training in his company.

‘He always helped and supported me. We loved each other and were always together. Yan said I was always on his mind and heart’, Maryna says.


On June 6, Marina was in a neighboring position when a fight broke out. Mortar shelling wounded Yan Bailo, but he continued fighting. Another direct hit into the trench took his life.

‘He always carried a note, which I wrote to him, because we could not see each other for some time during the shelling. The note was with him on the day of his death. He told me that he always read it before going to sleep.’

Yan was a brave soldier and his comrades respected him. On February 26, he destroyed an enemy tank and was awarded the Order of Courage.


Maryna still serves in the Ukrainian army.

I continue helping our guys but without Yan’, she says.