David Khimik, a soldier of Azov regiment, called on Ukrainians to continue spread information on Mariupol defenders.He stressed that the soldiers dream of seeing their families or starting their own families.

‘While there was no Internet connection, I thought about all my life, recollecting childhood and the places  I have been to, different situations that stuck in his memory. All these things were before my eyes like in a movie. I hear a lot from the guys that when they leave this place, they will get married and have children. The guys who already have wives and children cry and smile at the same time when they watch videos with their children’, David wrote on Telegram.

He noted that the Ukrainian military is still full of courage and defend their positions. The Russian military are trying to capture Azovstal every day with aircraft and artillery, but even in the most terrible conditions, the defenders repel them. Then the Russians ‘run away from their positions like cowardly dogs’.

‘We are not going to be martyrs, we are fighting for our lives too, and we are waiting for support. You are doing a lot of informational work to help us, continue in the same way, support us with information, shout to everyone about us. I want my friends to see their children and wives again’, the soldier said.

‘Everything will be fine, we will definitely be back’, he concluded.