Arsen Avakov minced no words calling the criminal probe launched by State Bureau of Investigations ‘idiocy’ and a ‘public act of selective justice’.

‘Hasty and obsequious’ reaction of state prosecutors – the probe was announced this weekend-  shows how ‘vindictive our grudging government is’, wrote the former minister, adding ‘it doesn’t matter if revenge comes from the [Ukrainian] president or his associates. It is shame and disgrace!’

In an official statement issued on Sunday, State Bureau of Investigations said it will probe Yuriy Butusov in connection to the video in which Censor.Net chief editor is seen firing a 152 mm howitzer.

State prosecutors argued the footage is crippling  ‘informational security of Ukraine’ and exposes Kyiv to stepped-up pressure from Moscow.

Butusov is allegedly facing charges on two counts – ‘improper handling of arms’, and ‘planning,  and planning, preparation and waging of an aggressive war’.

State Bureau of Investigations said are investigating the case to find out who authorized Butusov’s  access to weaponry and don’t   want to be ‘dragged’ into the story of  ‘politicized  allegations’.

Earlier the day, Yuriy Butusov called the criminal case a ‘revenge’ from the Ukrainian president for their heated exchange of words at Zelensky’s press conference.