The world should show Moscow it can’t be cowed by Vladimir Putin’s blackmail and West will be tough in its response to  any violations of binding commitments, said former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko.

The politician stressed the newly inked grain deal can’t serve an excuse to soften or lift earlier imposed sanctions against Russia, which will be viewed as Ukraine’s defeat.

‘Today, anti-Putin world coalition must say: if Putin fails to follow the [agreement] documents that were signed, we have got a plan B,’ said Poroshenko.

Blocking Russia’s own exports can help rein it in: ‘We must secure [the situation] where the world halts Russia’s exports until it lifts its blockade of Ukrainian Black Sea ports’.

Moscow will surely take a hit if such policy is put in place as it can trigger arrests of Russian cargo fleet that carries stocks of its exported timber, coal, and LP – it brings Russia $550 billion revenues, most of which goes toward military production.

Petro Poroshenko said the deal brokered by Turkish leaders should be extended and cover other groups of Ukrainian exports.

‘Why can’t we bring in raw materials for our Ukrainian industries? Why can’t we export our black metals, chemicals, oilseeds, and many other things providing our hard currency balance sheet of Ukraine? Why do we tie it down to only grains and corn?’