On Thursday, Kyiv Appellate Court puts off a hearing in the case of former Defence deputy minister Ihor Pavlovsky who earlier filed an appeal to have his pre-trial detention reviewed.  The former top military official is set to stand trial  over supplies  of allegedly defective military equipment to Ukraine’s Army.

The court decision that will see Pavlovsky spend another month in a pre-trial detention facility drew the criticism from ‘European Solidarity’ MPs.

One of the European Solidarity’ party leaders Artur Gerasymov slammed the court decision and hinted at involvement of Zelensky officials.

‘It is another proof that great number of Ukrainian courts are run through telephone calls from the president’s office…The judges have put off the court hearing… meaning a man should stay in a pre-trial detention center and be abused for another month, just because of absent prosecutors’, said Artur Gerasimov.

The ‘European Solidarity’ MPs called for review of earlier pre-trial detention ruling.

Another MP Rostyslav Pavlenko lamented over ‘zero level’ of reasoning from the prosecutors who acted ‘cowardly’ and chose not to show up at the courthouse.

In their meeting with Ukraine’s chief prosecutor Iryna Venediktova both MPs demanded the prosecutors involved in this case be brought to account for their actions.

The chief prosecutor promised ‘inspection’ of the incident, said Gerasimov adding that Ihor Pavlovsky case is ‘politically motivated’ and his jail is now being used to ‘get evidence against Poroshenko.. and put pressure on opposition’.

The arrest and prosecution of Gen.Ihor Pavlovsky drew criticism from politicians and civil activists.

On June 12, Kyiv Pechersky Court ordered pretrial detention for Ihor Pavlovsky who was a Ukraine’s deputy defence minister in 2015-2019 setting his bail at  record 475 million hryvnas.