Ukraine’s Luhansk governor Serhiy Gaidai sounded the alarm on Friday the cities in occupied Luhansk  can soon face an outbreak of infections as combat in the contested region shows no signs of ending.

Overrunning Ukrainian cities, the Russian troops don’t bother to take away dead bodies from the streets of the occupied cities, which can eventually lead to contamination of water. ‘The orcs are nor sorting out the debris, nor collecting the garbage, nor taking away the dead bodies, which means there is a risk of infections,’ said the governor.

Disruption of water supply is still the biggest headache for the remaining residents. ‘It is water wells that are now saving people, yet the water coming from them is unsafe’. There were reports about some people exhibiting the symptoms of what can be an infectious disease.

In what appears be a sign of mounting concern over possible infections, Russia’s medical workers deployed to Severedonentsk local hospitals  are reportedly wearing protection suits.