The battles are raging in Severodonetsk, Toshkivtsi, and Vrubivka community,  said Luhansk governor Serhiy Gaydai on Wednesday, while it is ‘getting harder’ for Ukrainian forces to cling to the territory as the ‘troops restrain the enemy from three sides at once.’

The wounded tally shot up in Lysychansk as at least six people were rushed to hospitals away from the contested area- 4 civilians sustained wounds in Lysychansk, and two more were wounded in Zolote.

‘[our forces] are holding on in Severodonetsk and not letting advancements toward Lysychansk. Still, Russians are near, causing suffering for civilians and destroying houses.’, wrote Gaydai.

Russian shelling targeted Donsoda and Sklozavod glass plants causing damage to 8 houses and destroying 14 more in Girske.

As Ukrainian forcers are holding out  in Severodonetsk street fighting,  Russians seek to prevail by stepping up artillery assaults which have ruined residential building near Azot chemical plant.