Kyiv district courts pounding the alarm over exodus of their workers with some of local courts complaining they have lost three thirds of their staff.

In an open letter published in Sudovo-Yurydychna gazeta,   chiefs of staff for Kyiv municipal courts say workers are leaving in record numbers frustrated over mounting workloads and low pay.

The  issues wreaked havoc on Podilski municipal court wiping out 73% of their workforce  (56 of 76)  while the other Kyiv courts say they have  lost some 25% of their hands.

Despite the earlier announce pay rise,  Kyiv court workers were paid 4 thousand hryvnas less in October, claimed the letter signees.

‘It is unclear how recalculation could have reduced pay rates so badly  that October bonuses failed to provide the regular October payments, which have worsened the financial situation of he court workers.’

Last month,  the court in Western Ukraine made the headlines after summoning Meta CEO Mark Zukerberg over a spat of two local politicians on Facebook.