On March 14, Ukraine marks the Volunteer Day. The Volunteer Day is intended to remind every Ukrainian of the feat of people who, having no military experience, changed the comfort of their families to the trenches in the most difficult time for the country.

In Sofia Square, a commemoration event was held to honor the volunteers who took up arms to defend Ukraine. The event was organized by the association of families of Azovstal defenders.

‘On this day, we thank the courageous heroes-defenders who voluntarily took up arms, and honor the memory of volunteers who fell in fierce battles’, the association’s statement says.

The organizers called to come to the square with candles and banners with the names of the volunteer units, to thank the living heroes and commemorate those who gave their lives in the fight for Ukraine.

One of the volunteer units is the Azov brigade, which transformed from a small volunteer group into a professional division of the National Guard, which, along with other units, impressed with its courage during the defense of the Azovstal plant last year.