The International Atomic Energy Agency made a statement after Ukraine had informed that Chornobyl nuclear power plant had been disconnected from the electricity grid and lost its supply of external power.

Chernobyl nuclear plant, the site of the 1986 accident, was captured by Russian troops two weeks ago.

The Director General of the IAEA expressed deep concern about this development as the secure off-site power supply from the grid for all nuclear sites is one of seven indispensable pillars of nuclear safety and security.

He added that the lack of power is likely to lead to a further deterioration of operational radiation safety at the site and create additional stress for around 210 technical experts and guards who have not been able to rotate for the past two weeks.

The recent developments added to the IAEA’s growing concerns about the safety, security and safeguards impact of the conflict in Ukraine on the country’s nuclear facilities, including its four operating nuclear power plants as well as the Chornobyl site.