The National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor office made public details regarding a corruption scheme exposed in the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

The NABU chief Semen Kryvonos said in a briefing that the head of the Supreme Court Vsevolod Kniazev is accused of taking a bribe. Kostiantyn Zhevago, a co-owner of the financial and industrial group ‘Finance and Credit’ is also involved in the scheme.

The NABU head noted that the Bureau received information on ‘the activities of a criminal group with the involvement of intermediaries, judges, with the involvement of the leadership of the judicial branch of power’.

During the undercover operation, the NABU recorded a number of Zhevago’s contacts with one of the owners of the lawyer association, which was used to cover up criminal activities.

‘They agreed on the transfer of an illegal benefit in favor of high-ranking court officials for the adoption of a verdict needed by this entrepreneur’, Kryvonos stated.

He also reported that during urgent investigative actions and searches, a significant amount of money was found, and evidence was obtained that further confirms the activities of this criminal group.