Ukraine’s former economy minister Tymophiy Milivanov minced no words Wednesdsay hitting out at  US congresswoman Victoria Spartz over her criticism of Zelensky’s aide Andriy Yermak.

Earlier this month, Spartz, a Congress only Ukrainian-born representative, sent a letter to US president Joe Biden asking to brief Congress on the allegations against Ukraine’s president chief of staff Andriy Yermak. Her letter raised uncomfortable questions about Yermak’s ties to the Kremlin, his role in leaking sensitive information to Belarus, and stalling the selection of a head of Ukraine’s specialized anti-corruption prosecutor’s office.

Things got nasty on Wedsday after Victoria Spartz’s recent call for more scrutiny for Ukrainian official riled up Mylovanov, who has long acted as an advisor to Zelensky administration.

In his post on social media, he called Spartz an ‘unethical political monster’, arguing that she is ‘using’ Ukraine for her own political interests.

She is ‘hurting’ Ukraine by peddling the ‘Russian ideas about corruption’ and talking about the lack of ‘oversight’ from the US administration, added Yermak’s advisor.

Mylovanov argued the congresswoman is ‘exploiting’ the Ukrainian narratives to win her party nomination in primaries  to help her get re-elected to the US Congress.

What infuriated Yermak’s advisor most of all was Spartz’s claim the US military supplies may disappear in Ukraine and possibly end up on the way to Russia or Syria.

‘Victoria is a lying cynical political animal who is using Ukraine for hype and re-election,’ added Mylovanov.