Recognition of the independence of two separatists’ regions in occupied Donbas can see the world edging closer to a new world war, said  European Solidarity leader Petro Poroshenko, joining the voices of condemnation of the Kremlin’s aggressive move.

In his statement on social medial,  Poroshenko argued that Putin is driven by loathing Ukrainian sovereignty and that prompts his ‘mad’ acts.

The Russian leader keeps  intimidating independent Ukraine and is ready to ‘indefinitely’ confront the west on this issue, stressed the former Ukrainian president, noting it poses a threat for people around the world, including Russians themselves.

Such move also scraps Minsk agreements, said Poroshenko, arguing the world should respond to it by imposing new sanctions against Putin and his close circle of lawmakers and businessmen.

We all should stand united – all Ukrainians, all the democratic world in the face of this threat, stressed the politician.